Most Innovative at 2024 PizzaExpo


Agápe [Ah-gah-pay] is a Greek word meaning unconditional love. At Agápe Automation, we Automate with Love. How do we do this? We're learning new ways every day, but what we know is this... we automate with love by helping people thrive in the restaurant business. We dedicate ourselves to make the kitchen a better place... to make the job a better job; to make the team a better team; and make the business a better business. That’s what it means to automate with love.

Agápe Automation is the food-tech innovation company that creates the automated Sm^rt Kitchens of the future. We envision exponential growth for pizza operators. Our mission is to make the kitchen a better place. Bound by our values, we aspire to lead with love, practice the Golden Rule, and do the right thing.

Restaurateurs need a more profitable and efficient business model with tools that drive efficiency for growth. We create Sm^rt machines — tabletop pizza-making equipment that integrates into the restaurant kitchen to perform repetitive tasks and drive efficiency. We add the exponent ("^") to “Sm^rt” to inspire exponential thinking that is followed by exponential growth. Sm^rt machines do the dirty, dangerous, and dull tasks and create valuable time for your teams to engage in the exponential growth of your business. Sm^rt machines are IoT connected — they “talk” to each other and have the ability to work in unison to compound efficiencies. Sm^rt machines are Data rich to collect actionable data with pathways to exponential efficiency. The capabilities are only limited by our creativity and our partner’s trust.

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